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Compensation Claim


Compensation & Pension

Disability Compensation

Compensation is for Veterans who have disabilities that incurred while on active duty that remains a chronic issue.  If the VA service-connects these disabilities, the VA can pay a monthly monetary award to the Veteran. The VA can also pay for disabilities that are caused by service-connected disabilities, or are a presumptive condition from military service (Agent Orange, Gulf War Illnesses, Camp Lejeune Contaminated Water (CLCW), and others).

Non-Service Connected Pension

Non-Service connected Pension is for War-time era Veterans who are over 65 or under 65 and have physical disabilities that did not result from military service, but those disabilities prevent the veteran from substantially gainful employment. If the Veteran’s income falls below a certain level set by the VA, and they have physical disabilities preventing them from employment, then the VA can pay that Veteran a monthly pension rate. If over age 65, no physical disabilities have to be present, but the income requirements still have to be met.

Pension applicants will also need to bring financial information, to include income information and continuing medical expenses.

Please bring the following documentation:

  • Original discharge or DD 214
  • Ebenefits log in info
  • List of existing medical conditions while in service and since your discharge
  • Private medical records (or addresses of the doctors or hospitals to obtain records)
  • Any letters received from the VA
  • Spouse/dependent information to include: Marriage License/Divorce Decrees, Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards.

To apply, contact a VSO by email or phone. [/lsvr_content_box]

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