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Free Property Fraud Detection Notification Service

The Property Fraud Detection Notification Service is a free service provided to you by the Pender County Register of Deeds office. This program will notify you when a document has been recorded that matches your name. This keeps you informed of all real estate transactions in your name….those you expect and those you don’t! This free program will not prevent fraud but will allow residents to find out about it quickly.

Any owner of real property in Pender County may sign up for this service online by clicking here.  The online form requires an email address.

Users may set up notifications by property owner’s name or business’ name. Please note, the notification is only effective as the correct spelling of the name that is being watched. Users can set up multiple notifications to watch different spellings of their name or business name. When you click the submit button, a confirmation email will be sent to your email box. When you receive the confirmation email, click the link in the email to activate your Fraud Detection Request.

If a document is recorded that matches the information being watched, the user will be notified by e-mail. The email will give the type of document that was recorded, time and date, and book and page of the recorded document. To see the image of the recorded document, you can input the information on the Search Real Estate link on our website.

If this does appear to be a fraudulent recording and was not authorized or signed by you, the property owner may contact either of the parties whose names are on the document, the lending institution, the bank, or the mortgage company for information about the recorded transaction.

This service does not give the Register of Deeds Office the authority to remove, revise or redact the document that has been recorded. It is only to make you aware that a document has been recorded in your name.

For more information call the Pender County Register of Deeds at (910) 259-1225.

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