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Penderlea Volunteer Fire Department Receives 4/9E ISO Rating

Penderlea VFD has received a NCDOI Insurance Rating of a 4/9E.  The fire department along with other fire departments and other agencies where graded on a point scale in September for this final grade. The point system grading system is 10% from Emergency Communications Center. Fire department makes up 50% of the points system. Water supply is 40% and Community Risk Reduction makes up the last 5.5% for a total of 105.5 points.  The Office of the State Fire Marshal comes in and reviews many different things in the different areas of the grading system. After a few months the final score from a Class 1 being the best to a Class 10 having no fire protection coverage is finalized. The Penderlea VFD has been a Class 9 and was the minimum rate fire protection class. In February of next year the new insurance rating will go into effect. The fire insurance premium drop will be for all fire insurance policies that are within the five-mile district of the Penderlea VFD. Anyone living in the five to six-mile area will continue to receive a class 9 E ratings.

“NCDOI will pass this on to the insurance companies,” said Pender County Fire Marshal Tommy Batson.

Anyone unsure about how much of a saving they may see, contact your local insurance agent.

“The hard work of many people and agencies from this will pay off for the homeowners each year in saving the affected response area of Penderlea,” said Batson.

The inspection conducted in September was a review of record keeping, contract agreements, fire response, training, staffing, water haul, water sources, equipment and many other items. The other agencies involved in the inspection besides the volunteers of Penderlea VFD included the Pender County Fire Marshal Office, Pender County GIS, Pender County Sheriff Office E911 Center, Pender County Utilities, Pender EMS & Fire, Burgaw VFD, Wallace VFD, Harrells VFD, Atkinson VFD, Shiloh VFD and Maple Hill VFD.

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