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Water service will be disrupted at Montague Road TODAY

The Pender County Utilities distribution team is attending a water main leak at 507 Montague Rd. T&H Construction is working with the PCU team.

The team has no other option, but to shut off the water services at 421/Montague to just past the break on Montague Rd., due to repair, being a cut out and replace of cracked line.

The water line will be cut off at 11 a.m. TODAY, Jan. 30. The distruption will impact approximately 10 homes. The repairs are expected to be completed within the next 6 hours, and a coliform bacteria sample will be collected.

A code red is being sent at this time to all affected residents.

PCU recommends a boil water notification be advised to the residents of the listed affected area until further notice.

Additional information will be release if outside of the six hour window for repairs.

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