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Successful Pesticide Collection Event Safely Disposes of Hazardous Materials in Pender County

In a proactive effort to ensure the safe disposal of unwanted pesticides, the NC Cooperative Extension in Pender County collaborated with the NC Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control and Pesticides Division to organize a successful pesticide collection and disposal event. Held on April 25, 2024, the initiative aimed to assist farmers and homeowners in responsibly disposing of unused pesticides, thereby mitigating potential environmental hazards.

The event, which took place in Pender County, saw the participation of dedicated NCDA staff, who provided valuable assistance in facilitating the proper disposal of pesticides. The initiative aimed to prevent environmental contamination by avoiding potential leakage through the weathering of pesticide containers over time.

To maximize outreach and engagement, the Pender County Public Information office utilized various communication channels, including social media, email, and text messaging, to notify over 3,500 residents about the collection day. This concerted effort ensured widespread awareness and participation across the county.

As a testament to the initiative’s effectiveness, homeowners and local farmers enthusiastically responded by collectively bringing in 435 pesticide containers weighing over 7,000 pounds. The successful collection and disposal of these pesticides signify a crucial step in safeguarding both personal and environmental health, as these hazardous substances are now safely removed from barns and garages where they could pose potential risks if left unattended.

Through collaborative initiatives such as this, both organizations are actively contributing to the cultivation of a safer and healthier environment.

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