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Pender County Department of Social Services Responds to Surge in Assistance Program Applications

Pender County, NC – The Pender County Department of Social Services (DSS) has noticed a notable surge in new applications and recertifications for the Food and Nutrition Services and Medicaid programs. In light of this increased demand, DSS is dedicated to prioritizing the efficient processing of applications, ensuring timely assistance to families in need while minimizing any inconveniences.

DSS has initiated a series of measures to address this challenge head-on to enhance efficiency and responsiveness. Collaborating closely with Human Resources, the department has expedited recruiting and hiring additional Economic Services staff. Furthermore, personnel resources are being strategically reallocated from other departments to bolster the application processing efforts.

Recognizing the situation’s urgency, DSS has authorized overtime for existing staff members to ensure the timely processing of applications and reviews. Additionally, innovative processes are being developed to streamline operations and effectively accommodate the heightened volume of requests.

“We understand the importance of providing timely assistance to our community members, especially during these challenging times,” stated Director of Pender County DSS Wesley Stewart. “Our team is fully committed to meeting this increased demand with efficiency and compassion.”

Pender County DSS reaffirms that eligible individuals and families will receive the support they need without delay. The department urges residents to continue using its services, emphasizing its dedication to their well-being.

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