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Demolition Services, RFP # 220512-228

Pender County is seeking Proposals for a variety of demolition services in RFP # 220512-228 on multiple County owned sites, as well as remaining infrastructure at the former Long Creek School site are included. Sites may be awarded individually or all to one vendor.  All work will be expected to be completed in June 2022.

A site visit has been scheduled for May 19th at 1pm at the former Long Creek School site, Project #1.  Attendance at the site visit is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged.  Any questions on this project are due to Trisha Newton at and have been extended to May 20, 2022, at 9am.  Answers will be provided the same day.  Sealed bids are due no later than May 23, 2022 at 2pm in the Pender County Finance Office, located at 805 S. Walker St., Burgaw, NC  28425. Vendors are reminded to check back periodically for possible Addenda.

The County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals for which, in the County’s opinion, is in the best overall interest of the County and to waive minor irregularities in the evaluation process.  County also reserves the right to further negotiate minor modifications with the successful proposer upon completion of the evaluation process prior to the execution of a final contract.


Scope of Work:

The Proposer (also referred to as the “Contractor”) shall provide all materials, tools, machinery, labor, and supervision necessary for the demolition work of buildings and accessory structures. Demolition work shall include excavation of any footing foundations and removal of all debris from the demolition site.  Additionally, the Contractor must properly fill and seal all damaged/exposed wells.*


Identified Projects:

Project 1:  Remaining Structures at the Former Long Creek School Site (Appendix A), Address: 23280 NC HWY 210, Rocky Point, NC 28457, Parcel PIN:  2295-13-4411-0000

Project # 2:  Blue House and Well (Appendix B), Address: 208 Burgaw Creek Loop Road, Burgaw, NC 28425, Parcel PIN 3320-82-9153-0000

Project # 3:  Condemned Structure (Appendix C), Location: 3340 Halfway Branch School Road, Ivanhoe, NC 28447, Parcel PIN 2350-15-2730-0000

Project # 4:  Remaining Structure and Well (Appendix D), Location: 2907 Englishtown Road, Willard, NC 28478, Parcel PIN 2373-58-7162-0000

Project # 5:  Mobile Home (Appendix E), Location:  403 Saddle Ridge Road, Currie, NC 28435, Parcel PIN 2274-57-5844-0000

Project # 6:  Rocky Point with Debris (Appendix F), Location:  600 Cheshire Road, Rocky Point, NC 28457, Parcel PIN 3224-46-2015-0000

Project # 7:  Maple Hill with Debris (Appendix G), Location:  960 Lee Road, Maple Hill, NC  28454, Parcel PIN 3392-53-8565-0000

Project # 8:  Multiple Structures (Appendix H), Location:  1310 Slocum Trail, Atkinson, NC  28421,
Parcel PIN 2266-21-6379-0000

Click here to view the full RFP # 220512-228.

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