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On October 16th 2017, Tyler Technologies will begin to work on the next County Revaluation. The Revaluation values will take effect January 1, 2019.

The first process will be Tyler Verify, which is a street level image project. There will be vehicles throughout the county during this time. This page will be updated as information becomes  available.


Below is a copy of the presented Schedule of Values for the 2019 Revaluation
Pender SoVs




2019 Reval Annoucement


4/4/18 Residential Data Verification Mailers have been mailed. The data on this form is the current information we have listed, for dwellings with square footage. Please verify the accuracy of this data for the particular property. Please correct any information to help assure a fair and equitable assessment of your property during the next revaluation. If the data is correct, there is no need to return the data mailer. All unreturned data mailers are assumed to be correct. A blank data mailer is listed below.



12/12/17 Image Collection will begin in Sections 1400-1401, 1600-1601, 1702-1402-1403
12/04/17 Image Collection will begin in Sections 1700-1400, 1800-1402, 1601-1600, 1702-1100-1701
11/13/17 Image Collection will begin in Sections 1302-1300, 1201, 1301-1202-2001, 1103-1102-1101, 1100-1200
11/3/17  Image Collection will begin in Sections 1602, 1503-1501
10/23/17 Image Collection will begin in Sections 1507-1504, 1505-1502, 1509-1502
10/16/17 Image Collection will begin in Section 1500




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