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Business Personal Property

All Businesses are required to list their tangible Personal Property:

This includes items such as machinery, equipment, furniture, cash registers, etc. used in connection with a business. These items are taxable at the site (location) of the business premises. A separate business listing form must be completed for each business. The deadline for listing Business Personal Property is January 31st.

If a Business Personal Property Listing Form is received after January 31st, a 10% penalty will be applied for each late filing. The penalty is compounded by 10% for each year (up to six years) the property is not listed.

The tax rate for Business Personal Property is the same as Real or Personal Property.

To obtain a blank Business Listing Form, please click the link below.  Then,  scroll to the bottom of the North Carolina Department of Revenue page and click “Other Forms”; from this page click “Listing Forms”.

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