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Public Notices

Tag & Tax COVID-19 FAQ’s


Q: I have attempted to contact the Tag & Tax call center at 919-814-1779, but I cannot get through to speak to a representative. What should I do?

A: The Tag & Tax call center is experiencing a heightened call volume and has limited staffing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We request callers to patiently remain on hold or continue to call back throughout the day in an attempt to reach a representative. The call center is the appropriate contact for information on registration renewals.

Q: Are there any alternate ways to contact NCDMV?

A: Yes. You may contact NCDMV through the contact link on their website. However, please be advised there is a backlog of requests and you will not receive an immediate response.

Q: Due to the stay at home order, will DMV waive the inspection requirement?

A: Registered motor vehicle inspections are required by statute and can only be waived by an executive or legislative order. At the time of publication, no order has been issued. Therefore, NCDMV must enforce the inspection requirement.

Q: A citizen mailed their payment weeks ago. The plate is now expired and the payment has not cleared their bank account. What does the citizen need to do?

A: NCDMV is currently in the process of moving their headquarters to Rocky Mount, NC. The relocation, coupled with the pandemic, has caused a backlog of unprocessed payments. NCDMV requests citizens to be patient as they work to update the registration remittances. Renewing the expired registration online or at a license plate agency (LPA) will cause the citizen to pay late fees and interest. Please refer to the additional comments section for information on expired plates.

Q: A citizen has attempted to renew in person several times, but the license plate agencies nearby are closed. Will the citizen be charged late fees and interest?

A: If NCDMV does not receive the payment before the registration expiration the citizen will be charged late fees and interest. 90% of the LPAs are open or on a modified schedule. Our office will provide an updated status of the LPAs in your area. As an alternative, the citizen can renew online.

Additional Comments:

  1. If a citizen chooses to mail their payment, it must be received by NCDMV before the registration expires. All remittances received after the registration expiration date will incur penalties. DMV does not honor the postmark date on the envelope.
  2. Vehicle registrations renewed by means of a registration renewal sticker expire at midnight on the last day of the month designated on the sticker. NCGS 20-66(g) provides a lawful period for operating the vehicle on the highway with the expired registration until midnight on the fifteenth (15th) day of the following month in which the sticker expired. This grace period only applies to receiving a violation for an expired registration. It does not apply to penalties and interest that are statutorily added for untimely renewal.

Residential Data Verification mailers

Pender County is now in the process of conducting its next countywide revaluation. Residential Data Verification mailers have been mailed. Please verify the accuracy of this data which is listed for the particular property. Please correct any information to help assure a fair and equitable assessment of your property during the next revaluation. Enclosed with the mailer is a return envelope for your convenience. If the data is correct, there is no need to return the data mailer. All unreturned data mailers are assumed to be correct. A blank data verification mailer is below. A copy is also on the Revaluation page,  which can be found from the Tax Assessing webpage.


2019 Revaluation

On October 16th 2017, Tyler Technologies will begin to work on the next County Revaluation. The Revaluation values will take effect January 1, 2019.

The first process will be Tyler Verify, which is a street level image project. There will be vehicles throughout the county during this time. Please visit the Revaluation page at for updates.

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