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Protect The Floodplain

Preserve the Natural Function of Floodplains

Floodplains are a natural component of Pender County’s environment. Understanding and protecting the natural functions of floodplains helps reduce flood damage and protect resources. When flooding spreads out across the floodplain, its energy is dissipated, which results in lower flood flows downstream, reduced erosion of the streambank and channel, deposition of sediments and improved groundwater recharge. Floodplains are scenic, valued wildlife habitat. Poorly planned development in floodplains can lead to erosion, loss of valuable property, increased risk of flooding to downstream properties and degradation of water quality. Dumping materials into our waters or drains pollutes those waters, clogs our storm drains, and leads to flooding in our neighborhoods. Additionally, improper dumping can result in reductions in water quality, fish, and other animal populations in our sensitive environment. Protect our natural resources and protect yourself from flooding due to drain blockage by reporting illegal activities to the Pender County Planning Department (910) 259-1202.

To learn more about coast and floodplain protection and restoration read about Why Protecting the Floodplain is good for People and Wildlife from the National Wildlife Federation.



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