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Category: General

No. The Pender County Housing Department maintains a waiting list of applicants to the program. Families must be at the top of the waiting list in order to receive assistance.

Category: General

No. The waiting list is still observed.

Rental assistance payments are sent directly to the landlord. Tenants are required to pay their rent portion to the landlord directly as well. Tenants must pay their rent portion on time in accordance with the lease.

Generally, families that earn under 50% of Area Median Income (AMI) for their household size are considered income eligible. Other factors that impact eligibility include criminal history, immigration status and whether families are in “good standing” with this, or any other rental assistance program, from whom the family may have received assistance in the past. We are unable to assist families who currently owe money to this or any other Federal, State or local Housing Program.

No. Families participating in the program should expect to pay a portion of their rent and pay for their utilities.

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