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Pender County Disaster Medical Support Registry

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Pender County offers a Disaster Medical Support Registry to residents who may need medical assistance during or after a disaster. These individuals may require assistance in finding shelter or transportation during disasters such as a hurricane. The registry provides county staff with contact information for individuals with medical needs before an emergency to ensure they have a safe place to go and a way to get there. The information you provide will not be released or used for any other purpose. Being listed in the registry does not mean that you have to go to a shelter; in fact, staying with families or friends is encouraged.

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The Registry is open to any resident of Pender County who has special medical, mental, or physical needs. Health Department staff will call all applicants to evaluate his/her needs and to discuss their evacuation plan. Follow up calls will occur annually.  Examples of qualifying individuals are:

  • Dialysis patients, persons with coronary disease with an unstable history, respiratory disease dependent on oxygen;
  • Mental illness, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Severely limited mobility requiring stretcher transport;
  • Medication regimes including intramuscular injections, bolus tube feeding, indwelling urinary catheters, ostomies, wound care, etc.;
  • Unstable, potentially life-threatening conditions;
  • Behavior problems;
  • Patients requiring advanced care such as ventilators or intravenous therapy.

Residents of Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and other group homes will not ordinarily register because these facilities are required to provide safe shelter for them.

[/lsvr_accordion_item][lsvr_accordion_item title=”What Will the Registry Do For You?”]When disaster warnings are issued, you will be contacted to ensure that you have an emergency plan in place and that you are able to act according to that plan. In case of a countywide mandatory evacuation, if you are registered you will be informed of shelters in other counties and transportation arrangements.

As with all shelters, you will be offered limited services, a safe space with food and water. You will be required to have a caregiver who can stay with you in the shelter and provide care and treatments normally done in your home. You must bring medications, clothing, bedding, and other supplies. Space in the shelter may be on the floor, on a cot, or in a bed depending on what is available and your condition. Electrical power will be provided for medical equipment.


For questions, please contact:

Pender County Health Department
803 S. Walker Street
Burgaw, NC 28425
(910) 259-1230

Please fill out the online form by selecting the button below.

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