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Health Education and Outreach

 Pender County Health Department is dedicated to the purpose of disease prevention and health promotion for all Pender County residents.

About Health Education? 

Health Education provides accurate health information to help people make healthy choices to achieve health and wellness. Wellness is the balanced life a person can have through an ongoing, lifelong commitment to physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

Pender County Health Education and Outreach

The purpose of Pender County’s Health Education and Outreach program is to improve health and wellbeing throughout the county.  Each month, we support National Health Observances by educating the public about specific health concerns through local events, campaigns, and social media.  It is our goal to promote increased opportunities for these activities through policy and environmental change in the community.  Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol have all been shown to be related in some way to unhealthy food choices and a lack of exercise.  Disease can be limited or prevented by making good lifestyle changes in eating and exercise habits.

Public Speakers

If your business, event, or community organization is interested in promoting opportunities in these areas, is in need of information or a presentation in a specific health-related area, or is in need of general health education, please contact:

Stephanie Todd
Phone: 910-259-0619
Cydney Herring
Phone: 910-259-5128





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