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Community Health Assessments (CHA)

Pender County Community Health Assessments (CHA)

2022        2018          2014

What is the purpose of the Community Health Assessment?

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) is the foundation of health improvement for a community. Its purpose is to identify the factors that affect the community’s health and quality of life and the resources available to address these factors. The Pender County Health Department leads a CHA every four years. The process involves working collaboratively across sectors in a steering committee, collecting and analyzing health data, and setting priorities for health improvement.

By systematically identifying a county’s health resources and challenges, county leadership can make strategic choices to prioritize top areas of concern. This report provides data and priorities to support a Community Health Improvement Planning process that outlines action steps and tracks progress on identified issues. This collaborative cycle of steady, incremental progress helps create a healthier community for all.





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