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At Risk Care Management Services

At Risk Case Management Services primary focus is to reduce or alleviate abuse, self/caretaker neglect, and/or exploitation. The vast majority of At Risk Case Management cases are the result of substantiated APS cases. At Risk Case Management Services is a group of interrelated activities under which responsibility for locating, coordinating, and monitoring appropriate services for an individual rests with a specific person or organization. This include evaluating the client’s situation to determine the need for initial or continuing case management services; assessing and reassessing the service needs of clients; developing and implementing a Client/Family Service Plan to meet the service needs of the client; assisting the client in locating and contacting providers and programs for needed services; coordinating delivery of services when multiple providers or programs are involved in care provision; and monitoring services when multiple providers or programs are involved in care provision; and monitoring services to insure that they are received, are adequate to meet the client’s needs, and are consistent with quality care.

Individual and Family Adjustment Services – Representative Payee Services
Individual and Family Adjustment Services – Representative Payee means services offered to individuals for whom the DSS has been appointed the representative payee, including assurance of the appropriate use of income for the client’s needs, and strengthening the client’s basic skills in money management.

Enhanced Personal Care Services
Enhance Personal Care Program is a service provided to individuals residing in Adult Care Homes, Homes for the Aged, and/or Family Care Homes. These individuals have been identified as heavy care residents who require additional assistance specifically in the areas of toileting, eating, and/or ambulation/locomotion. The responsibility of the ACH/Case Manager is to complete an evaluation upon the submission of a care plan and FL-2 by the facility to determine eligibility in accordance to Medicaid. Once eligibility is established, the case manager will visit with the resident(s) monthly to monitor.

Adult Home Specialist
The Adult Home Specialist is responsible for assisting facilities to achieve and maintain compliance to State standards by advocating for the residents, conducting regular monitoring, conducting complaint investigations, and for requiring corrective actions by facilities when appropriate. The adult home specialist works closely with the State Division of Health Services Regulation and many local agencies to carry out the monitoring function. The county currently has 1 rest home, 2 family care homes, 1 assisted living home, and 1 adult daycare center. The worker visits each home at least every other month and more frequently if needed to assure that standards are met and to assess such functions as food services, the activities program, housekeeping, the management of the residents, drugs, fire safety, and management and personnel requirements.

In-Home Aide/Personal Care Services
In-Home Aide Services provides substantial activity of daily living (ADL) support to individuals/families that require assistance with health and personal care tasks. Provision of these tasks involves extensive “hands on” care and potential assistance with a wide range of health related conditions. Persons to be served include those who are medically stable with significant ADL impairments (3 or more) resulting from a chronic condition; or who are medically stable with significant ADL impairments, but have rehabilitative potential; or who are medically unstable due to recent illness, complications of a chronic condition, or a deteriorating condition with variable instrumental activity of daily living (IADL) and ADL needs; or children and their families who have any of a wide range of health related conditions and who need substantial support.

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