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Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) Referrals are accepted for any disabled person 18 years of age or over or any lawfully emancipated minor 16 years of age. Protective Services for Adults is a multifaceted service which is based on an awareness of the vulnerability of disabled adults to abuse, neglect and exploitation. The service includes provisions in state law for evaluation of the need for protective services and intervention in situations in which adults are found to be in need of protective services. Services are provided without regard to income.

The Statute for Adults Protective Service was developed to assist adults who have disabilities which have incapacitated them to take care of themselves, and who have no one able or willing to assist them with the care they need. These adults may be abused, or neglected by caretaker, they may be neglecting themselves, or they may be exploited. Adult abuse cuts across all demographic boundaries. There are no definitive profiles of victims or abusers. Anyone can become a victim of abuse, whatever their age, gender, physical or mental health and functioning, financial status, and educational, religious, cultural or ethic background. They may be alone, or they may have a spouse, other relative or unrelated person acting as caretaker. They may live in private homes, residential care facilities, state institutions or other types of living arrangements. They may be old or young, male or female, rich or poor.

To make an Adult Protective Service Report please call 910-259-1240 during
normal business hours (8:00-5:00) and after hours 910-259-1212

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