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Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance (E.A.) Program provides assistance with rent (must have an eviction notice); assistance with mortgage (must have a foreclosure notice); assistance with deposits to move into a house; can assist with other services depending on the circumstances in the household.

Program Requirements: Client must have a child under the age of 18 living in the home; child must be living with a specified relative (parent, blood, half-blood, or adoptive relatives, or step-relative); the emergency situation must place a child at risk; must have an eviction or foreclosure notice; must have verification of other emergency situation (Ex.: fire report), and must be below the income limit (110% of poverty level).

General Information: Program will only be able to assist with rent or mortgage if the landlord or mortgage company agrees to not evict or foreclose if DSS assist the client (assistance must alleviate the crisis); client may be required to pay towards the need before DSS can assist.

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