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Professional Services Related to Due Diligence Evaluation of Future County Sites, RFQ 230119-241

Pender County is seeking Statements of Qualifications related to due diligence and suitability evaluations of potential subject property. These services, to include but are not limited to environmental, land surveying and master plan design.  This data will assist County staff and the Board of County Commissioners to determine feasibility and appropriateness of subject potential property for future development.  The property may be of interest for school sites, parks, water treatment plants/wells,  administrative offices, sites to needed to provide governmental services/functions or any other county need.  Click here to view RFQ # 230119-241Click here for Addendum 1.

Questions on this RFQ should be submitted to  no later than 2pm on February 2, 2023 February 9, 2023.   Statements of Qualification are now due February 14, 2023 by 2 pm  February 21, 2023 by 2 pm.

Submit By Mail: PO Box 1578, Burgaw, NC 28425

Submit By Courier: 805 S. Walker Street, Burgaw, NC 28425

Submit By email:

The County intends to enter into two (2) contracts: one with a “Primary” and  “Secondary” firm.  The county would utilize the secondary firm only if the primary firm is not available for a specific project.   The County is seeking to enter into a one (1) year agreement with the option to extend for an additional year.

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