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Emergency Watershed Protection-Sediment Removal/Dredging Project-Northeast Cape Fear River RFP # 5038-Round 2 DSR/494/Site 1-Northeast Cape Fear River

Update:  Addendum 1 Questions and Answers has been issued on September 19,  2022.  Click here to view.

The Pender County Planning & Community Development Department (Pender County) seeks to establish a contract with an experienced contractor, or contractors, to provide Channel Dredging & Sediment Removal Services in the Northeast Cape Fear River adjacent to Ruddy Duck Lane, Turtle Hill Trail, and Mallard Roost Drive near Burgaw, NC. The primary responsibility of the Contractor will be to remove an identified accumulation of sediment from the bottom of the Northeast Cape Fear River in a section of river channel approximately 1500 linear feet (LF) long. The estimated volume of dredge spoil material to be removed from the river channel is approximately 9,000 to 10,000 cubic yards (CYS). The Contractor will be responsible for excavating/removing, transporting, off-loading, and delivery of dredge spoils to their final deposition. Nearby upland disposal/containment areas have been identified by the County and are undergoing permit review by the NC Division of Coastal Management and the US Army Corps of Engineers. These tentative disposal areas are available to the Contractor for use at their discretion, or the Contractor has the option to locate their own upland disposal area, assuming the location is suitable, and meets all regulatory permitting requirements. The Contractor shall dewater the dredge spoil material prior to transporting over State or Federal highways to any approved and permitted upland Disposal Area. Dredge material or waters incorporated in the dredge material matrix must be contained at all times and not allowed to re-enter the Northeast Cape Fear River unless the material is sufficiently filtered and all silt/clay size particulate matter is removed. Disposal areas used for final disposition of the dredge spoils must also be contained temporarily with adequate sedimentation and erosion control measures (silt fencing, berms, etc.), and filtering systems to manage dredge waters until the dredge material dries and solidifies in the dike system. This requirement for dredge water management will be in effect and shall be maintained until such time a permanent groundcover is established on the outside side slopes of the earthen-diked disposal area and across the full crest of the dredge pile. A mandatory pre-proposal conference is planned for this RFP to be held on September 13, 2022 for a site walk and a briefing.  Contractors are advised to meet in the parking lot at 805 S. Walker Street, Burgaw, NC 28425 by 9:00am. County staff will lead a caravan to each site. Questions are due by September 16, 2022 at 3pm.  The deadline to submit a proposal is September 23, 2022 at 3pm. Proposals must be submitted via FedEx, UPS, or hand delivered to 805 S. Walker Street, Burgaw, NC 28425. If you have questions please contact Daniel Adams at 910.259.0231.  Click here to view the full RFP # 5038-Round 2 DSR/494/Site 1-Northeast Cape Fear River and click here to view the associated plans/documents.

Pender County reserves the right to reject any/all proposals.

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