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Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Meeting – November 15, 2018

Staff from the Pender County Planning and Community Development department will be available next week, Thursday November 15, from 2 – 7 p.m. at the Pender County Public Library conference room at 103 S Cowan St, Burgaw, NC 28425.  Staff will work with citizens on a one on one basis to assist in completing intake documents for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) for those that have not already turned in their application or want additional information.

Following a federally declared disaster such as Hurricane Florence, local governments are eligible to apply for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funds (HMGP) that will reduce or eliminate the losses from future disasters. Projects must provide a long-term solution to a problem, for example, elevation of a home to reduce the risk of flood damage as opposed to buying sandbags and pumps to fight the flood. In addition, a project’s potential savings must be more than the cost of implementing the project. These activities may include elevating structures in the regulatory floodplain, acquiring property to prevent future losses, or retrofitting structures to minimize future damages. Preference is given to homes that are in the regulated flood plain but is not limited to this area.

“Through advance communication and outreach, we’re wanting to communicate with as many individuals as we can that were affected by Hurricane Florence.  This will be another opportunity to work with our citizens one on one to help answer questions and to be ahead of the curve when this opportunity becomes available”.  “It’s important to understand that these activities have not been activated by FEMA or the State of North Carolina and therefore, Pender County cannot tell how much funding will be available, the timing of the program activation, or how many properties may be addressed, but we’re here to help navigate the process to obtain as much funding as possible” said Kyle Breuer, Planning and Community Development Director. “Projects such as this have taken years to receive funding and are not designed to provide immediate relief from the devastating effects of natural disasters our area is known to see.”

The County has created a webpage to host additional information for residents to review and can be found at:


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