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2018 Debris Monitoring Request for Qualifications

The purpose of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is for Pender County to acquire comprehensive debris monitoring services. Hurricane Florence resulted in widespread damage throughout Pender County. Initial estimates are that debris collection may total Nine Million Dollars ($9,000,000.00) for vegetative, C&D and other debris. Debris collection is ongoing and monitoring has been ongoing as well. The rapidity with which a contractor can mobilize and transition to the long term monitoring will be a criteria taken into account in making the award. The County anticipates requesting the Board of Commissioners to award the contract on November 5, 2018, so transition and mobilization should be keyed to starting on November 6, 2018.

The selected contractor will assist the Pender County in monitoring debris collection services under Federal and State Disaster Programs related to Hurricane Florence, and any suceeding disasters during the term of this contract. The monitoring will include the entire unincorporated area of the County and, at the sole option of the County may include areas within municipalities. Examples of disaster recovery services that may be required, include:

The selected firm will be expected to provide debris monitoring services to include debris generated from the public rights-of-way, private roadways to which the public has open access, and other public, eligible, or designated areas. Specific services may include:

a. Coordinating daily briefings, work progress, staffing, and other key items with the County.
b. Selection and permitting of TDSRS locations and any other permitting/regulatory issues as necessary.
c. Scheduling work for all team members and contractors on a daily basis.
d. Hiring, scheduling, and managing field staff.
e. Monitoring recovery contractor operations, and making/implementing recommendations to improve efficiency and speed up recovery work.
f. Assisting the County with responding to public concerns and comments.
g. Certifying contractor vehicles for debris removal and maintain a truck certification list utilizing FEMA guidance.
h. Entering load tickets into a database application.
i. Digitization of source documentation (such as load tickets).
j. Developing daily operational reports to keep the County informed of work progress.
k. Development of maps, GIS applications, etc. as necessary.
l. Comprehensive review, reconciliation, and validation of debris removal contractor(s) invoices prior to submission to the County for processing.
m. Project Worksheet and other pertinent report preparation required for reimbursement by FEMA, FHWA and any other applicable agency for disaster recovery efforts by County staff and designated debris removal contractors.
n. Final report and appeal preparation and assistance.

For more information, see the full PDF by clicking here or view the PDF window below.

2018 Debris Monitoring RFQ updated
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