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Special Disaster Info

Hurricane Preparedness drive-thru give-a-way

Pender County– Pender Long Term Recovery Group will host a Hurricane Preparedness Drive-Thru Expo this Saturday, Aug. 22, with two locations – one in Burgaw and another in Hampstead.

The Pender Long Term Recovery Group encourages Pender County citizens to prepare for the hurricane season, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Hurricane Preparedness event will be a drive-thru pick-up with two locations within Pender County. Drive-thru locations are Topsail Baptist Church in Hampstead, 18885 US Highway 17 North, from 9 – 11 a.m., and in Burgaw at the Gateway Community Church, 416 W Bridgers St., from 12 – 2 p.m.

“Supplies to be given will include Hurricane Preparedness literature, Partner rebuilding resources, ‘Build Your Own Go Kit’ supplies, buckets, and more. Available while supplies last, one distribution load per car, first 125 cars at each location will receive a box of non-perishable foods for your go kit,” said Green.  “We would like to thank all our sponsors and participating organizations.”

“The Pender LTRG is a long-term recovery group that formed as the result of Hurricane Florence,” states Olivia Dawson, Pender Long Term Recovery Group Co-Chair. “We look forward to serving residents of Pender County assisting with ways to be prepared for the possibility of a next hurricane.”

“We want Pender residents to ‘Be Prepared, Make a Plan, & Stay Connected’,” states Michelle Green, Pender Long Term Recovery Group Project Coordinator. “Since we have to prepare the community a little different this year, we thought we would follow similar groups with a drive-thru process with two locations to serve as many residents as possible.”

The Pender LTRG is composed of non-profits, faith-based organizations, and charitable organizations who work in union to meet the unmet needs of Pender County Residents impacted by disaster. The Pender LTRG works in collaboration with other organizations to assess needs, offer resources, and ensure that residents are assisted.

Visit our Facebook page and website,, for more information.

Use generators wisely, safely

PENDER COUNTY – Many Pender County residents are preparing generators for use during Hurricane Isaias. Pender County Emergency Management and Pender County EMS and Fire urge residents to use generators with caution.

“The major hazards when using a generator is carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from the toxic engine exhaust,” said Carson Smith, Pender County Emergency Manager. “Electrocution and fire are safety hazards too.”

“Don’t operate a generator indoors or inside a garage,” said Woody Sullivan, Pender County EMS and Fire Chief. ‘When operating a portable generator, keep it in an open, outside area.”

“Do not connect the generator directly to your main electrical panel,” Sullivan said.

If a generator is installed incorrectly, power could flow into outside lines and cause injury or death to your family, neighbors and utility crews working in the area, Sullivan explained.

To avoid electrocution, keep the generator dry and do not use in rain or wet conditions. Operate it on a dry surface under an open canopy-like structure, such as under a tarp held up on poles. Do not touch the generator with wet hands.

Be sure to turn the generator off and let it cool down before refueling. Gasoline spilled on hot engine parts could ignite.

Store fuel for the generator in an approved safety can. Use the type of fuel recommended in the instructions or on the label on the generator.

Following Hurricane Isaias, Pender County could be left without electric. Residents using generators should use caution.

Pender County Emergency Management will post updates on the Facebook page at and on the website If you need assistance call the EM office at 910- 259-1210.


Pender County Emergency Management reminds residents that it’s not too late to prepare

PENDER COUNTY – The Pender County Office of Emergency Management (EOC) urges residents to use this weekend to prepare.

“While we monitor the path of Hurricane Isaias, we want to take this opportunity to remind our residents to prepare for wind and rain,” said Carson Smith, Pender County Emergency Manager. “This is the time to prepare. If you don’t have a hurricane emergency kit, this is the time to assemble one. Have batteries, plenty of drinking water, medications, cash, and propane in stock. Prepare for fallen trees and power outages.”

The EOC, while not fully activated, has staged equipment and personnel for a hurricane.

Now is the time for residents to prepare using a checklist of supplies available online at The app is free for downloading. Pender County residents should also sign up for CodeRed, a free alert system in Pender County.

“When preparing, keep in mind the items you need to maintain your health and safety,” said Smith. “With hurricane season and the COVID-19 pandemic, residents need to remember to use face coverings and hand sanitizer.”

Have the basic things in your emergency supplies kit:

  • Extra eyeglasses, hearing aids if you have them or have coverage for them.
  • Battery chargers and extra batteries for hearing aids, motorized wheelchairs or other battery-operated medical or assistive technology devices.
  • Copies of medical prescriptions, doctors’ orders and the style and serial numbers of the support devices you use.
  • Medical alert tags or bracelets or written descriptions of your disability and support needs, if you cannot tell someone about your needs in an emergency.
  • Supplies for your service animal.
  • Medical insurance cards, Medicare/Medicaid cards, physician contact information, list of your allergies and health history.
  • List of the local non-profit or community-based groups that know you or help people with access and functional needs like yours.
  • List of personal contacts, family and friends that you may need to get in touch within an emergency.
  • Covered personal communication board, if you might need assistance with being understood.
  • If possible, extra medicine, oxygen, insulin, catheters or other medical supplies you use on a normal basis.
  • If you use a motorized wheelchair, have a lightweight manual chair available for emergencies. Know the size, weight and if it is collapsible, in case it must be moved to another place.
  • Even if you do not use a computer yourself, think about putting important facts onto a flash drive for you to take with you if you need to leave your house.

Pender County Emergency Management will post updates on the Facebook page at and on the website If you need assistance call the EM office at 910- 259-1210.

Pender County Emergency Management is monitoring Hurricane Isaias

PENDER COUNTY – Pender County Emergency Management is monitoring Hurricane Isaias as it moves in the Atlantic Ocean.

“This is the time for all residents who have not signed up for CodeRed to do so,” Carson Smith, Pender County Emergency Manager said.

CodeRed is a free emergency alert system which is specific to Pender County street addresses and neighborhoods. Users may sign up for CodeRed in English or Spanish.  Go to the Pender County Emergency Management Facebook page or website and click on the CodeRed logo to sign up today or go to

“It is important, in a time of emergency to receive reliable information. CodeRed alerts are directed to your telephone or email,” said Smith. “We encourage all residents to visit the Pender County Emergency Management website,, or the Pender County Emergency Management Facebook page for helpful information.”

Hurricane preparedness in a pandemic

PENDER COUNTY – The 2020 Hurricane Season is predicted to have an above-average number of storms. This is difficult news for anyone who is suffering from “COVID-19 Fatigue.”

“Pender County residents have the opportunity now to prepare for a hurricane and the pandemic,” said Carson Smith, Pender County Emergency Manager. “We encourage residents to prepare for Before, During, and After a Storm.”

Before the storm is the time to think about shelter and supplies.

The first step is: Make A Plan. As we continue social distancing and taking necessary safety measures, decide: Where will you go?

“In the event of evacuation, know your zone,” said Smith. “Preplan your route by selecting a destination.”

Identify the home of a family member or friend where you can stay. Or locate an affordable hotel where you can stay.

Public shelters set up by the local health department and Red Cross should be a refuge of last resort. Due to social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the state health department, local shelters will require a sparse configuration of distancing. Officials will check the body temperatures of evacuees signing into a shelter.

Secondly, build your emergency kit.

“Now is the time to stock your essentials and have an emergency kit,” Smith said.

Supplies such as non-perishable foods, water, flashlights, batteries, a transistor radio, a manual can opener, medications, pet supplies, cash, and important documents secured in a watertight bag are essentials for an emergency kit. However, during a pandemic, you must include face coverings, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes.

Every family member should have a seven-day supply of medications and toiletries, food, and water as well as a supply of hand sanitizers and face coverings. While preparing, remember to have a seven-day supply of pet supplies and pet medications, if applicable.

During a storm stay informed. Know your reliable sources of information. Don’t trust chat boards and rumors on social media. Pender County Emergency Management will post announcements on their website, Facebook page, and to local news media. Do not venture out during a storm.

After a storm flooding and down power lines may occur. Do not drive through water moving over roadways. Be aware of fire ants, bees, and use caution when operating a chainsaw. If you use a generator, do not operate it indoors.

For more information, watch our Pender County Emergency Management website or Facebook. If you have not signed up for the CodeRed alert system, register for free at or call 910-259-1210 for details.

Pender County response to COVID-19

The Pender County Board of Commissioners are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. The safety and health of Pender County residents and employees are of great concern.

Pender County officials continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. As of this morning, there are 33 cases of COVID-19 in the State of North Carolina. Currently there are no cases in Pender County.

Pender County Health and Human Services is monitoring the pandemic and providing updated information to our communications personnel.

Consistent with state and CDC guidance, Pender County officials are following protocols to prevent the impact of COVID-19.

County operations and events

Pender County Government business will continue to operate, but several programs and services are impacted in order to help reduce risk to our community:

• All county-sponsored group activities and events have been suspended.

• All organized sports in Pender County parks have been suspended. Parks are not yet closed to the public, but that is a day to day situation to monitor.

• The facilities department is paying special attention to disinfecting all doorknobs, surfaces, etc. Each employee is also responsible for their cleansing workspace and equipment.

Pender Fire and EMS has issued protective measures for personnel.

• At this time, the Board of Commissioners, Planning Board, and most other official government meetings will continue as scheduled.

• Additionally, county employees will not travel out of town for business, will hold meetings, as much as possible, by conference call, webinar or a virtual platform.

• Visitation in the Pender County Jail has been suspended until further notice.

Cooperative Extension will postpone all educational programs until the end of April. The state is encouraging the department to work from home.

Utilities and solid waste will continue normal and emergency staffing.

• The Board of Commissioners authorized Pender County Utilities to temporarily suspend cutoffs during this event however, late fees and penalties will still accrue.

• The Pender County Sheriff offers a wellness check service called “Are You Okay?” To request a wellness check through the Sheriff’s Department call 910-259-1212.

• The Pender County Tax Office urges anyone paying business or personal property taxes to use the return envelope to mail in payments. The return address is Mt. Airy, which is where the county’s print vendor is located, which will in turn report all payments to Pender County.

Pender County Housing will continue by appointment only. All waiting lists are closed. All paperwork needed for housing assistance is available near the housing department entrance. Completed paperwork should be left in the drop box in front of the housing department office.

PAS-TRAN will run medical appointments only for transportation, effective March 20. This will be in effect until April 2, unless otherwise notified.

Pender Adult Services are suspending all senior center activities effective March 19. The last congregate meal will be served March 18 and Shelf Meals will be provided for the remainder of the week for Home Delivered Meals. Effective March 24, one hot meal will be provided for current congregate meal clients on a drive-thru basis only. Call PAS for information at 910-259-9119.

• Home Delivered Meal clients through Pender Adult Services and van rider congregate clients will receive one hot and one cold meal delivered with shelf meals for the week, effective March 24 and each following Tuesday until further notice. For questions call 910259-9119.

  • Pender County Board of Elections is operating as normal except the office is closed to public entrance. Elections staff can be reached by phone 910-259-1220, email or visit our webpage for documents or forms.A Drop box will be located at the front door if anyone wishes to drop off a form in person

Visit for more information. The State of North Carolina has set up a Coronavirus hotline at 1-866-462-3821. Watch the Pender County Government website for local updates and information.

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