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Misinformation about North Carolina elections

Pender County Board of Elections wishes to assure our voters that we are aware of misinformation about elections in NC.

We want you to know that We do not use Clarity Elections Suite in Pender nor is it used in any county or the state of North Carolina. NC did use Clarity for election night results reporting, but it was apparently a while ago.

Elections Director Susan Williams began working in elections in 2012 and it was not in use at that time. The State Board currently uses its own software for election night reporting. No vendor is used for election night reporting in NC. Also, Scytl is not in any way involved with NC elections. We are getting that question a lot lately due to the ongoing spread of misinformation online and elsewhere. Scytl has no relationship with the North Carolina State Board of Elections, nor does it have any relationship in the United States with either ES&S or Hart InterCivic, the two voting systems vendors doing business in North Carolina.


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