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Surrender or Redeem an Animal

Stray animals found in Pender County can be brought to the shelter during normal business hours or you can call Animal Control to pick them up.  Owner surrenders may be brought in by Pender County residents with proof of ownership and a $10 surrender fee applies to cover the cost of care.

Animals that have made their way to the shelter, that have an owner come forward with proof of ownership (tags, medical records, timeline photos). The fees for redemption:

1st Offense: $40.00

2nd Offense: $60.00

3rd Offense: $100.00

Each additional offense increases by plus $50.00.

**Animal control fines** some animals may be accompanied by a ticket issued by Pender County Animal Control for an ordinance violation.  In Pender County animals are to be contained to your property or under your direct control at ALL times, the initial fine for “running at large” is $50.00.  Animals are required to have identification (tags or microchip) at all times, the initial fine is $50.00.  It is NC law that dogs/cats/ferrett wear their Rabies tags at all times, the initial fine is $50.00.  Tickets are issued by Animal Control and have to be paid at the Pender Co Sheriff Office – the shelter has nothing to do with tickets/fines.

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