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Pender County Tax Appraisers Conducting Fieldwork in Your Area for Precise Property Assessments

PENDER COUNTY, N.C. — Pender County tax appraisers are continuing fieldwork in your area. Each on-site visit for tax appraisal typically lasts only a few minutes, averaging between 10 and 15 minutes per visit. Appraisers play a crucial role in ensuring fair and precise property assessments, as the State of North Carolina requires all 100 counties to conduct reappraisals of real property at least once every eight years, per NCGS 105-286.

Real property encompasses land, buildings, structures, and improvements. Appraisers are easily identifiable by their county ID, with vehicles displaying a magnet featuring the county logo and field Appraiser information, along with high-visibility vests adorned with the county logo.

The appraiser’s initial effort involves contacting the property owner and then leaving a red door hanger to communicate the purpose of their visit. Appraisers meticulously document the property’s building’s physical characteristics and conditions, noting any additions or deletions since their last visit. Measuring the exterior walls is a crucial component of this process. Furthermore, they are currently in the field verifying all measurements and other pertinent data affecting the property, ensuring that all changes are accurately recorded. Given that changes may have occurred since the last reappraisal in 2019, this thorough verification process is essential for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the property assessment.

Appraisers capture photographs during their assessment, photographing the home and any outbuildings while navigating the property. As part of the process, they ensure they take at least two photos from varying angles of each structure for comprehensive documentation. Field visits will be conducted exclusively from the exterior of the property.

The Tax Office will provide updates regarding appraisers’ subsequent locations to keep you informed. If you have any concerns or feel uncomfortable, please don’t hesitate to contact the Tax Assessment office at 910-259-1221.

The Tax Office relies on residents to notify them of any issues or concerns, as they can only address them when made aware. Feedback is considered essential for them to effectively address any occurring matters.

We appreciate your cooperation during this process.

Complete, Columbia Township.

Complete, Canetuck Township.

Complete March 11, 2024, Caswell area.

Beginning March 25, 2024, appraisers will be in the Grady Township Area & inside the Town limits of Atkinson.

Will begin in Union Township area, to include Watha and Wallace by week’s end (April 12, 2024).

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