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Pender County Utilities and CFPUA Collaborate for a Reliable Water Supply Along Highway 421 Corridor

Pender County Utilities and Cape Fear Public Utilities (CFPUA) have come together to proactively establish a robust and reliable interconnection along the Highway 421 corridor located across from the former BASF plant at the county line between Pender County and New Hanover County. The goal of this collaborative effort is to ensure that all customers along the corridor have access to a reliable and continuous supply of water. To achieve this goal, both organizations have arranged for primary and backup water sources, which can provide water to customers without any interruption, even in the case of a line break. This collaborative initiative demonstrates both organizations’ commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and uninterrupted water services to their customers.

“We are delighted to announce that the upcoming interconnection will provide numerous benefits to all our valued customers. Our objective is to deliver a seamless and uninterrupted experience to business owners operating along the 421 corridor, said Anthony Colon, Pender County Utilities Executive Director; this will allow businesses to focus on their core operations with complete peace of mind, knowing that their water needs are being taken care of.”

The project involves digging a hole under Highway 421 to establish a connection between the two water connections. The excavation work is expected to last for less than two days and is not expected to cause any disruptions to the traffic. However, the project completion date has been set for the spring of 2025. The project marks a significant infrastructure upgrade and, upon completion, will ensure a more efficient and reliable water supply for the area.

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