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Pender County Department of Social Services Hampstead Office Extends Office Hours to Better Serve Community

HAMPSTEAD – Effective March 1st, the Pender County Department of Social Services (DSS) is pleased to announce the extension of office hours for its Hampstead Annex Building services to five days a week from 9 am to 4 pm. The department has a dedicated team of three full-time employees specifically serving the Hampstead area, known for their knowledge, compassion, and unwavering commitment to providing essential assistance and support to the community.

The primary objective of this expansion is to enhance accessibility and convenience for clients. The department is confident that the extended hours will prove to be a valuable resource for the community and those in need.

For any inquiries or concerns about these changes, please get in touch with the department directly.

According to Wesley Stewart, the Director of the Pender County Department of Social Services, “We aim to improve the quality of living for the citizens of Pender County by empowering them to meet their human needs and by promoting self-sufficiency. We believe that providing assistance closer to citizens’ homes is one of the ways we can help.”

To learn more about Pender County DSS, click here.


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