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Pender County to begin field work for 2026 tax reappraisal. Here’s what you need to know

Pender County, NC– The Pender County Tax Department will begin field work for the 2026 Countywide revaluation on Pender County properties starting the week of January 15, 2024. Field appraisers will visit every parcel of land in Pender County (approximately 54,000), including residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial land, to update property characteristics.

A reappraisal is the process of updating all real property (land, buildings, and other improvements to land) values across the county to reflect the current market value as of the revaluation date. Pender County’s next reappraisal will be effective January 1, 2026. It will consider improvements to the land and the property’s exterior condition in the reappraisal.

During the reappraisal field work, our field appraisers will visit every home to measure each property structure and take updated photos of each property. They will knock on every door to reach the homeowner and leave a door hanger on every house or in the hands of anyone they contact on the property.

Field appraisers may have to visit one property multiple times throughout the year for various reasons. If you obtained any permits for your property over the past year, they will visit your property to verify any changes you made. They will also visit your property once for the reappraisal sometime in the next 12-14 months. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience, but to ensure properties are appropriately valued, we need to conduct these visits separately for the current tax year and the reappraisal year. If the homeowner is absent during the visit and the property is fenced, our appraisers will not enter the area. In such cases, the property will be appraised using satellite imagery. Please note that appointments will NOT be made for field inspections.

Members of the reappraisal team can be identified by the following:

  • Their vehicle will be marked with the Pender County logo.
  • Appraisers will be wearing high-visibility vests with the Pender County logo.
  • Appraisers will carry Pender County-issued identification badges.
  • Appraisers will leave a red door hanger at each home (either with the person they contact or on the front door) to give some information about why we are there, along with our office contact information.

“My goal for the 2026 tax reappraisal is transparency and to ensure taxpayers are provided with the information they need to understand the process. The reappraisal is not a tax rate increase. The tax rate is set during the annual budget and is set by the Board of County Commissioners,” said Pender County Tax Administrator Melissa Radke.

A field appraiser is expected to visit each parcel between January 2024 and February 2025. The new tax values will be reflected in the 2026 tax bill.

North Carolina law requires all counties to reappraise real property once every eight years to verify that the tax information shown on properties is accurate. Counties may set their revaluation schedule to every four years if voted on by the Board of Commissioners. Pender County was previously on an eight-year cycle, but the Board of Commissioners has moved up the reappraisal schedule by one year and will now conduct reappraisals every four years.

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