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On-street parking violations are subject to a $250 fine

PENDER COUNTY – To give fire and emergency apparatus unobstructed access, the North Carolina general statute orders all roadways must be passable.

“In housing developments where parking on the street occurs, especially near a fire hydrant, this can be a serious concern and a violation of state statute,” said Pender County Deputy Fire Marshal Amy Burton.

State law mandates fire apparatus must have an unobstructed width of not less than 20-ft., not including road shoulders, and a vertical clearance of not less than 13-feet 6 inches.

“State statute specifically notates the parking of vehicles along a street,” said Burton. “Every street, especially in heavily populated areas, must be clear for emergency vehicles at all times.”

North Carolina General Statute 20-162 details the law concerning parking near fire hydrants, in front of private driveways, near intersections, and parking in fire lanes. The statute also gives law enforcement the authority to remove vehicles.

“Pender County fire code officials have the authority to issue civil citations, and/or remove vehicles,” said Burton. “Fines can be as high as $250, per citation, according to state law.”

“To ensure the safety of our residents and their properties, we urge all neighborhoods to evaluate all street parking. Residents with concerns regarding obstructed access should call the fire marshal’s office,” said Burton.

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