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“Sharks in the Shallows” by Clay Creswell is selling swimming well


BURGAW – W. Clay Creswell’s book, “Sharks in the Shallows, attacks on the Carolina Coast” was released six months ago and it is selling extremely well on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and local bookstores. Recently it was featured on display at the Mayfaire Centre Barnes and Noble.

“We’re getting an excellent response to “Sharks in the Shallows,” said Creswell. “People are interested in sharks.”

An environmental services employee in the Pender County Health Department, Creswell has authored several books. His latest work, “Sharks in the Shallows, Attacks on the Carolina Coast,” was released June 2021.

Creswell said “Sharks in the Shallows” explores the rarity of shark attacks as well as what triggers a shark to bite.

His lifelong interest in sharks landed Creswell the title of the North and South Carolina region shark-bite investigator for the Shark Research Institute Global Shark Attack File. He has been an investigator of shark bites since 2004.

“Shark attacks are extremely rare,” said Creswell. ““Sharks should not be feared, but they should be treated like any other wild species. They can be unpredictable and dangerous.”

Creswell said he’s been interested in sharks since he was a child. When the opportunity to work in a coastal county, he jumped at the chance. He started working in the Pender County Health Department in 2002.

Creswell said Hollywood has given sharks a bad reputation. Sharks should be respected, explains Creswell, who added that his new book is also a guide to reducing the risk of encountering sharks at their peak times.

“Sharks play a quality role in our ecosystem,” said Creswell. “They maintain the population of fish, reptiles, and mammals as well as feed on carcasses in our waters.”

Creswell said he started writing “Sharks in the Shallows” more than four years ago. He spent two years writing “off and on” but the publishing process took more than two years. The book was reviewed by two panels, including peer reviews before going to print.

Reviews included Ralph S. Collier, the president and founder of the Shark Research Committee and Daniel C. Abel, author of “Shark Biology and Conservation.” Dean W. Fessler, Jr. the deputy director of The Shark Research Institute called Creswell’s book “Jawsome!”

“Sharks in the Shallows,” published by the University of South Carolina Press, is available from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles,, and local bookstores.







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