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Burning ban lifted in Pender County

Pender County Fire Marshal Mark Haraway announced the lifting of the County burning ban effective today, Wednesday, Dec. 8, at noon.

“The fire threat has greatly reduced from the rainfall from today’s rain showers,” said Haraway.

Fire officials recommend that anyone who must burn items should have resources immediately available to control their fire. Those resources include water hoses, buckets of water, and hand tools.  Should a fire become out of control, individuals need to immediately contact the local fire department for assistance by calling 911.

The lifting of the burning ban will allow for individuals to utilize open burning for the disposal of vegetative debris that has been generated on their property.  This includes items such as leaves, straw, lawn clippings, shrubbery clippings, and sticks and branches.  Garbage, lumber, building materials, and rubber are never allowed to be burned.  These items must be disposed of at solid waste convenience sites located throughout the county.

Persons needing more information about open burning regulations in Pender County can contact the Pender County Fire Marshal at 910-259-1210.

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