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Lower Cape Fear Water and Sewer Authority pipeline leak will impact Pender County water service

BURGAW – A pipeline in the Lower Cape Fear Water & Sewer Authority sprung a major leak today impacting water service in Pender County.

“Lower Cape Fear Water and Sewer Authority (LCFWASA) is a purveyor of raw water,” said Kenny Keel, Pender County Utilities director. “While repairs are being made by LCFWASA to the pipeline this will impact our water usage in Pender County.”

Pender County Utilities (PCU) purchases some water from LCFWASA, as does Brunswick County and CFPUA in New Hanover. The PCU treatment plant will continue to operate as usual for now.

“We will have some reduction in flow and some period of shutdown over the next few days,” said Keel.

PCU is utilizing additional water from the Town of Wallace and Pender County’s Hampstead wells.

“We’re keeping our tanks as full as possible,” said Keel. “However, we are implementing voluntary water restrictions immediately.  Brunswick County and CFPUA are also implementing similar water restrictions.”

As LCFWASA continues to address the major water leak in their pipeline, Keel said the water purveyor is coordinating water restrictions to all LCFWASA customers, including Pender County.

Water conservation recommendations can be found on the PCU website at in the Documents section.

“PCU and LCFWASA are working to ensure we all can keep water flowing to our customers,” said Keel. “However, I strongly urge Pender County Utilities customers to conserve water until repairs are completed.”

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