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Update on the multiple gravesites found on Hampstead parcel

PENDER COUNTY – Last week, Pender County Planning and Community Development was made aware of land clearing activities occurring on a parcel of land in Hampstead and multiple gravesites were located onsite as well.

“On Wednesday, March 17, 2021, Pender County Planning and Community Development issued a Final Notice of Violation and Stop Work Order upon the referenced parcel in accordance with Article 13 ‘Enforcement and Penalties’ of the Pender County Unified Development Ordinance,” said Travis Henley, Planning and Community Development Director.

This violation is specifically regarding the land clearing activities that occurred without an approved “preliminary plat,” which is currently pending at this time. As specified in the notice of violation and stop work order, all land clearing activities are to cease and remain ceased until a Preliminary Plat is approved by Pender County Planning and Community Development. Furthermore, the notice of violation also required removal of all equipment from the site as well.

Staff are still awaiting the results of the aforementioned survey commissioned by the developers as of this release and will continue to await the receipt of all necessary documents required in order to issue approval of the pending Preliminary Plat for this parcel. In the meantime, Staff will continue to coordinate with all local, state, and federal partners to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and standards, including the State Archaeologist’s Office.

This situation is evolving rapidly, and Staff has and will continue to monitor the site to ensure compliance and will continue to provide updates to the community as they are available.

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