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Eastern Pender County under voluntary water restrictions

HAMPSTEAD – Pender County Utilities lifted the Stage 3 Mandatory Water Restriction, today in the Hampstead and Scotts Hill areas of Eastern Pender County.

“We are currently in a moderate drought classification,” said Kenny Keel, Pender County Utilities (PCU) director. “Water usage levels have declined to a more acceptable volume within the supply capacity of the water system.”

Using caution, PCU has issued a Stage 1 Voluntary Water Restrictions for PCU consumers in the Hampstead and Scotts Hill areas.

“We are asking water users to reduce their normal water use by at least 5 percent,” said Keel.

Voluntary water conservation and efficiency measures include the following:
• Irrigate landscapes a maximum of one inch per week.
• Prevent water waste, runoff, and do not water impervious surfaces.
• Water plants deeply to encourage root growth.
• Wash only full loads in clothes and dishwashers.
• Use spring-loaded nozzles on garden hoses.
• Identify and repair all water leaks.
• Water shrubbery the minimum amount required.
• Limit vehicle and boat washing to the minimum.
• Refrain from washing down outside areas such as sidewalks and patios.
• Use showers for bathing rather than baths, and limit showers to no more than four minutes.
• Refrain from leaving faucets running while shaving or while rinsing dishes.
• Install water-flow restrictive devices in showerheads.
• Use disposable and biodegradable dishes.
• Install water-saving devices such as plastic bottles or commercial units in toilet tanks to reduce volume.
• Ensure toilet flapper valves are not leaking: This flapper can be checked by adding a food coloring to the toilet tank and visually checking to see if the color appears in the bowl. If it does show color, the toilet is leaking.
• Store drinking water in refrigerator to avoid trying to run it until cool from the tap.

“Water users are encouraged to reduce their water use and improve water use efficiency, and to adjust their irrigation systems to the minimum sustainable level, in order to help alleviate stress on the water system,” said Keel. “Water supply conditions indicate a potential for shortage.”

Keel said he appreciates the understanding and cooperation of Hampstead and Scotts Hill consumers. For more information contact Pender County Utilities at 910-259-1570.

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