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Application for Environmental Health Permits

I can’t see my permit online. Why?

If the permit was created through PORT, the information regarding the permit will be available for you to view online. If your permit was issued prior to April 30th, 2019, it is not available online.

Please contact the department responsible for the permit in question to obtain it.

When submitting an application, I am having difficulties entering the address of the subject property. Either PORT does not recognize the address or an address has not been assigned to the property. Is there another way to add the location of a property when applying for an application?

The location of a property can also be entered by adding the Parcel ID number.  After selecting the “Add Location” link, click “Parcel” to be able to enter the Parcel ID number. Please see the pictures below for reference.

Image of red arrow pointing to the Add Location link in PORTImage of a red arrow pointing to the Parcel link underneath the Add Location link in PORT


What needs to be included on the zoning site plan?

Please include the proposed addition or new construction with dimensions, as well any other existing structures, buildings, driveways, wells, septic tank systems, easements, or any other relevant items that are located on the property.

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