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Pender County Health Department Recognized for Outstanding Commitment to Child Safety

Pender County, NC – Carousel Child Advocacy Center honors the Pender County Health Department for their exceptional dedication to the safety and well-being of the children of Pender County. Rebecca Martin, representing Carousel Child Advocacy Center, presented the esteemed partnership plaque to Pender County Health Department Director, Carolyn Moser, celebrating their remarkable efforts in child protection.

The Pender County Health Department has earned the prestigious designation of a Partner in Prevention, conferred by Darkness to Light, an organization dedicated to preventing child sexualRebecca Martin, Carolyn Moser abuse. This distinction highlights the department’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding children, reflecting their proactive approach to child safety.

Under the leadership of the Pender County Health Department, a comprehensive prevention strategy has been implemented, encompassing vital measures such as child sexual abuse prevention training for all staff members, stringent background checks, and enforcement of child protection policies. Notably, this training initiative extends across all departments, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to ensuring the safety of children within the community.

The Partner in Prevention designation signifies more than just adherence to standards; it represents an active engagement in safeguarding children from the pervasive threat of child sexual abuse. By achieving this national standard, the Pender County Health Department is playing a pivotal role in promoting community awareness and advancing prevention efforts.

According to national statistics, one in ten children will experience in-person child sexual abuse, while the prevalence of online child sexual abuse is rapidly increasing, affecting one in seven children. In the face of these alarming statistics, the dedication of organizations like the Pender County Health Department is paramount in protecting our children and fostering a safer community for all.

“We commend the Pender County Health Department for their exemplary commitment to the welfare of our community’s children,” said Rebecca Martin of Carousel Child Advocacy Center.

The recognition bestowed upon the Pender County Health Department underscores their pivotal role in championing child safety initiatives and serves as a testament to their enduring commitment to the well-being of Pender County’s children.


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