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Pender County Celebrates Inauguration of New Water Tower in Scotts Hill Community

Pender County, NC – Pender County proudly marked a significant milestone in its infrastructure development with the grand inauguration of the new water tower in the heart of the Scotts Hill community. The event, attended by local officials, community leaders, and residents, culminated in a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony and showcased the collective efforts and commitment to ensuring clean water access for all residents.

The ceremony commenced with remarks from various key speakers, each emphasizing the profound significance of this endeavor. Brandi Cobb of Pender County articulated the importance of clean water, highlighting it as a symbol of Pender County’s dedication to its residents. Anthony Colon, Executive Director of Pender County Utilities, provided insights into the evolution of the project, underscoring its remarkable progress and significance as an icon of the county.

Brandi Cobb, representing Pender County, stated that the water tower represents a significant milestone for the community’s infrastructure and development, showcasing collective vision and hard work. She expressed gratitude and underscored the potential for improved quality of life and economic growth through reliable water access.

Anthony Colon, Executive Director of Pender County Utilities, reflected on the project’s evolution, emphasizing its necessity and applauding the impressive engineering feat of the towering structure. He expressed gratitude to numerous individuals involved in the project and acclaimed the water tower as an iconic symbol of Pender County’s significance.

Reed Barton, Vice President of CDM Smith echoed these sentiments, noting the substantial impact of the water tower as a vital infrastructure asset supporting the county’s continued growth and development.

Peter Pistolis, Project Manager of Harper General Contractors, shed light on the engineering marvel behind the structure, emphasizing the challenges overcome during its construction. He highlighted the tower’s substantial foundation, comprising 60 feet of concrete and rebar, underscoring the dedication and expertise in bringing the project to fruition.

Chairman Brad George of the Pender County Board of Commissioners reminisced on the land’s origins, acknowledging the vital role of EMS and Fire services in its acquisition. He marveled at the tower’s visibility from afar and expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts that made the project possible. Commissioner Jerry Groves joined him in the ceremonial ribbon-cutting, symbolizing the county’s unity and progress.

Following the outdoor ceremony, attendees moved inside the water tower where Brian Terry, Pender County Utilities Water and Sewer Superintendent, ceremonially activated the well, marking the commencement of the tower’s operational phase.

Notably, Splash, the beloved mascot of Pender County Utilities, made a special appearance, adding an element of festivity to the occasion.

The new water tower stands not only as a testament to Pender County’s commitment to providing essential services but also as a beacon of progress and resilience for future generations.

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