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PCU Addresses Sulfide Odor Issue in Hampstead/Scott’s Hill Water Supply Following New Well Activation

Hampstead, NC – Pender County Utilities (PCU) announces the recent approval and activation of three new well sites in the Hampstead/Scott’s Hill Area to address the growing water demand. This approval, obtained last week, ensures that PCU has the capacity to meet current water demands without implementing any water reductions.

While the new wells have been successful in maintaining an adequate water supply, we have received reports from some customers in the Scott’s Hill area of an unpleasant sulfide odor in the water following the activation of the EMS well. We want to assure our customers that the water from this new well meets all state and federal regulations and poses no health risks.

In response to these reports and in consultation with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), PCU has taken immediate action:

  • The EMS well has been shut off and isolated from the distribution system.
  • Flushing operations have been initiated in the affected area.

We expect customers to notice an improvement in water quality within the next 48 hours. The EMS well will remain offline until a thorough re-evaluation is completed to ensure the highest water quality standards are met.

PCU remains committed to maintaining the highest water quality standards and addressing any concerns raised by the community. The organization appreciates the understanding and patience of its customers as they work to resolve this issue.

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