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New convenience centers stickers are arriving this spring

BURGAW- Pender County Solid Waste will issue new vehicle window decals this spring for resident use at the convenience centers and the Transfer Station.

“Until the new stickers arrive from the printer, Pender County Solid Waste will have a grace period for residents,” said Kenny Keel, Pender County Utilities director. “Residents should continue using the last issued decals into the spring.”

Two new decals will be issued per household through the mail. Additional decals will be available for purchase at $40 each. New decals can be purchased at the Pender County Utilities office, 605 E. Fremont St. in Burgaw, or from the Hampstead Transfer Station on Tuesdays through Fridays.

Residents can pay for full-service trash disposal or recycle-only disposal for use at the county’s multiple convenience sites and the Transfer Station. The charge typically appears on resident tax bills.

Keel said residents often hesitate about affixing the decals to the windshields of vehicles, however, that is a requirement for site access. If a vehicle is traded, simply scrape a portion of the decal from the windshield and the county will replace the decal for residents. He added that if a vehicle is totaled in an accident, take a photo of the windshield and the county will replace the decal at no cost.

“We look forward to providing the new decals this spring,” said Keel.

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