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County tire disposal policy

Pender County Regulations for Commercial and Residential Tire Disposal           


  • Pender County policies on tire disposal for residents are as follows. No more than five (5) tires are allowed per day per resident at any of the county sites that accept tires as well as the Transfer Station. These sites are in White Stocking, Willard, Burgaw, Montague, and Rocky point. If a resident has more than five tires they must go to the Transfer Station in Hampstead and pay the required fee.


  • Per the county ordinance, loads of commercial tires can only be taken to Rocky Point Convenience Center and the Hampstead Transfer Station, and quite possibly in the future only be accepted at the Transfer Station. These loads can be no more than one hundred (100) tires per week and must be laced properly when loaded to ensure that the trailer is at maximum capacity when it is hauled. The issue with the commercial tire businesses bringing tires to the Convenience Centers is that the trailer fills quickly and often the residents must wait for the trailer to be hauled before they can dispose of their tire/s.


  • Pender County tire policies are similar to other counties. For instance, New Hanover County only has a landfill and whether you are an individual or a business you must take the tires there. There are no convenience centers in NHC. Lincoln County prohibits tire disposal from businesses at any of their eight centers. Only residents of Alleghany County have access to their Transfer Station and no businesses are allowed. Durham County also prohibits commercial tires from their two convenience centers.


  • Pender County offers commercial tire businesses the two options of manually disposing of their tires. Another option is contacting Central Carolina Holdings (CCH) to have a trailer placed at their business site for permanent use or once to get excess tires cleaned up. The businesses will be responsible for all charges incurred with the trailer except tire tonnage. Pender County will pay for all tire tonnages.
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