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CANCELLED -Structural Engineering Services for the Howard Holly Building, RFQ # 220514-222

This RFQ has been cancelled on February 23, 2022.  See RFQ # 220223-223 instead.


Pender County is Requesting Qualifications for Structural Engineering Services for the Howard Holly Building, RFQ # 220514-222.  The Pender County Howard Holly building located at 300 East Fremont Street, Burgaw, NC is showing obvious signs of foundation settlement. This process started several years ago but seemed to have plateaued (for the most part) until recent weeks. Suddenly, this issue has accelerated with signs of stress cracks in the interior and exterior walls as well as other physical damages to various construction components of the building. Pursuant to N.C. Stat. Sec. G.S. 143-64.31, Pender County is seeking qualifications from structural engineering firms to perform a structural assessment of this building as outlined in subsequent sections.

Once selected, the firm must perform an extensive structural conditions assessment and provide said findings in a report format which can be utilized by the Board of Commissioners and Management for decision making related to the overall structural integrity of the Howard Holly Administration building. Note: This report (outlining all findings and recommendations) must be presented to the Board of County Commissioners in a public meeting.

The assessment must include:

  • Professional opinions or conclusions related to the buildings’ ability to resist structural loads in the building code at the time of original design or in the current effective building Code as well as calculation of structural capacities.
  • Geological, geotechnical, or hydrological conditions that may be affecting the condition(s) of the building. Various soil and materials testing services may be subcontracted to structural engineer’s firm of choice with pricing included in overall proposal.
  • Wind/seismic analysis of the building
  • Any visual examinations of the building related to maintenance issues that should be rectified
  • Professional determination of feasibility and cost effectiveness to perform any and all required structural repairs/modification

To be considered for this project the Engineer Consultant must exhibit a high level of competence with a demonstrated ability to provide high quality services on time and within budget. The selected Engineer Consultant should have a proven ability to work effectively with public agencies and other stakeholders. Qualifications statements (with included proposal fees for services) should be limited to 30 pages excluding attachments and shall include, at a minimum, the following:

  • Firm Information
  • Project Approach
  • Experience
  • Key Personnel Resumes

Click here to view the full RFQ # 220214-222.

Submit Responses by 1pm EST on March 17, 2022 by email to:
Allen Vann, Assistant County Manager, Pender County Government

Pender County reserves the right to reject any/all responses.

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