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Pender County Utilities issue Stage 1 Voluntary Water Restrictions in Hampstead and Scotts Hill

BURGAW – Today Pender County Utilities (PCU) issued voluntary water restrictions for Hampstead and Scotts Hill, including the neighborhoods of Avendale, Cross Creek and Harrison Cove, as well as Island Creek Road and the neighborhoods of Wylie Branch and the Reserve at Island Creek.

“Pender County Utilities water customers in these areas are urged to reduce their water usage by 5 percent,” said Kenny Keel, Pender County Utilities director.

Keel cites the factors necessary in issuing the Stage 1 Voluntary Water Restrictions are due to delays in construction of the Hampstead/Scotts Hill Well Project and increased usage of water from the Rocky Point-Topsail and Scotts Hill Water and Sewer District systems.

“PCU worked diligently to improve the existing system,” said Chad McEwen, Pender County manager. “Crews installed new equipment to supplement our water supply from Wallace as well as adjusted the county’s pumping station and valves that will maximize the current system. Later this summer, one of the Hampstead wells will become operational, which will help us meet our daily water demand.”

“Customer cooperation is essential, especially regarding outdoor water usage,” said Keel. “Irrigation typically has the biggest negative impact on the availability of water between May and August. We recommend irrigating landscapes a maximum of 1-inch per week.”

Additional practical measure to reduce water consumption include:
• Prevent water waste, runoff, and do not water impervious surfaces.
• Water plants deeply to encourage root growth.
• Wash only full loads in clothes and dishwashers.
• Use spring-loaded nozzles on garden hoses.
• Identify and repair all water leaks.
• Water shrubbery the minimum amount required.
• Limit vehicle and boat washing to the minimum.
• Refrain from washing down outside areas such as sidewalks and patios.
• Use showers rather than baths and limit showers to no more than 4-minutes.
• Refrain from leaving faucets running while shaving or while rinsing dishes.
• Install water-flow restrictive devices in showerheads.
• Use disposable and biodegradable dishes.
• Install water-saving devices such as plastic bottles or commercial units in toilet tanks to reduce volume.
• Ensure the toilet flapper valves are not leaking – test with a food coloring to the toilet tank and visually checking to see if the color appears in the bowl. If a color shows, the toilet is leaking.
• Store drinking water in refrigerator to avoid trying to run it until cool from the tap.

For more information regarding the Stage 1 Voluntary Water Restrictions, call PCU at 910-259-1570.

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