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March 30 Situation Report and Update from the County Health Director


Click here for today’s situation report:

Sit Report 19_03302020


Here is the update from Pender County Health Director Carolyn Moser:

Health Department Update

• The health department has been working closely with county leadership, other county departments, and health care providers to try to minimize the impact of the coronavirus, COVID-19, in our county. At the present time, there are no cases in Pender County. As counties surrounding us are reporting cases, it is only a matter of time that we will begin to see positive test results.

• The health department and Pender County medical providers have tested 76 patients, of which 53 tests have been negative and 23 tests are pending results. Positive test results for any Pender County resident must be reported to the health department according to the NC General Statutes.

• We are asking county residents to partner with us to limit the spread of COVID-19 by following the Governor’s Executive Order and maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet.

• Health department staff are constantly receiving updates from the N.C Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC. As guidance changes, we immediately push the information out to our health care providers.

• According to the CDC, most people who get the COVID-19 will recover without medical care. Anyone who thinks they may have the virus and if they have mild symptoms should isolate themselves at home, separate themselves from others in the home as much as possible and call their medical provider for advice. Mild symptoms are fever and cough without shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

• You may stop self-isolation when it has been at least 7 days since your first symptoms, your symptoms have improved, and you are fever free for 72 hours (3 days) without fever reducing medication.

• We strongly urge residents who are at a higher risk of getting sick to call their medical provider if they develop a fever or cough. High risk individuals include those: 65 years of age and older; have a high-risk condition such as heart or lung disease; moderate to severe asthma; diabetes; severe obesity; a compromised immune system; and women who are pregnant.

 I’m sure you hear this often:
-Practice good hygiene, wash your hands often for 20 seconds at a time using soap and water;
-Avoid close contact with people who are sick;
-Stay home if you are sick;
-Clean and disinfect spaces frequently;
-Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze or use your elbow;
-Avoid touching your face

• Staff is spending much time on rumor control. Factual information can be found at the following:
Pender County website;
the NC DHHS website,;
the CDC website,
And you may always call the health department with questions or concerns at 910-259-1230

Carolyn Moser, BSN, MPA
Health and Human Services Director

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