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Pender County asks residents to hold off recycling until next week

Due to the effects of Hurricane Dorian, Pender County officials are asking residents to hold of recycling until next week.

The storm caused “operational issues” at the recycling processing facility used by Pender County Solid Waste, according to a news release from the county. The impacts will affect recycling at Pender County’s convenience sites.

“Though we will have emptied the bins this week at most of our convenience centers, we will have limited capacity to hold recycling materials,” said Kenny Keel, Pender County Utilities director. “We ask that the public hold on to their recyclables this week and wait until mid-week next week.”

Keel said residents who do not want to save their recyclables until next week, the items will be disposed with common waste.

“If there is no room in the recycling bins, customers can place their recyclables in the trash bins if they do not want to wait until next week,” said Keel.

Due to the driving wind and rain during Hurricane Dorian, rain and other materials entered the recycling bins. Wet paper and cardboard cannot be recycled. Those recyclables are considered “contaminated” and will be disposed of in the landfill, according to Keel.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” said Keel. “We appreciate the patience of the public.”

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