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How to establish power following Hurricane Florence

PENDER COUNTY – Homes and electrical systems that may have been damaged by Hurricane Florence will need verification of safe electrical service prior to it being cut back on.

Due to the safety concerns following storm events, especially flood waters, assuring safety is necessary before power can be turned back on or temporary electric service can be provided.

Property owners will need to contact a licensed electrician to determine if the electrical system is safe or if temporary power will need to be established to complete necessary repairs.

A licensed electrician is required to install the temporary power pole. The owner of the property will need to contract with the licensed electrician.

The licensed electrician will obtain a permit from Pender County Inspections and Permitting.

Following installation, the licensed electrician will need to request an inspection.

“Because of the damage caused by Hurricane Florence, Pender County Inspections will inspect electrical later, if work is completed by a licensed electrician,” said Scott Henry, Inspection Division director. “But we will not tell the power company to turn on power without work by a licensed electrician.”

For more information regarding inspections, call 910-259-1202.

Pender County Emergency Management will post updates on the Facebook page and the Pender County website, If you need assistance call the Emergency Management office at 910- 259-1210.


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